The Cajun Thunder is a weighted, nosier, more versatile version of the Equalizer.  Cajun Thunder and its siblings are icons and have no equal as surface fish attractors.  Two solid brass beads and two large plastic beads replace the eight bead

set-up on the Equalizer.  The brass beads not only intensify the bait-click, but also transfer weight from the leader to the Cajun Thunder, which enhances the action of  live bait or an artificial jig.  The added weight also allows for longer casts.  The Cajun Thunder is available in oval and cigar shapes in the colors listed below; 1 per pack.

Lil Thunder line

Item number                                         Description                                

13001                                               Orange 3" cigar/2-pack     

13002                                               Green 3" cigar/ 2-pack

13003                                               Yellow 3" cigar/ 2-pack

13004                                               Pink 3" cigar/ 2-pack

14001                                               Orange 2.5" oval

14002                                               Green 2.5" oval

14003                                               Yellow 2.5" oval

14004                                               Pink 2.5" oval

Item Number                                                  Description                  

15201                                                        Orange 2.5" cigar/ 2-pack

15202                                                        Green 2.5" cigar/ 2-pack

15203                                                        Yellow 2.5" cigar/ 2-pack

15204                                                        pink 2.5" cigar/ 2-pack

Item number                                                Description               

15401                                              Orange 2.5" weighted oval

15402                                              Green 2.5" weighted oval

15403                                              Yellow 2.5" weighted oval

15404                                              Pink 2.5" weighted oval

15405                                              Sunglo 2.5" weighted oval

15301                                              Orange 3" weighted cigar

15302                                              Green 3" weighted cigar

15303                                              Yellow 3" weighted cigar

15304                                              Pink 3" weighted cigar

15305                                              Sunglo 3" weighted cigar

Our Lil' Thunder is the smallest member of the Cajun Thunder clan.  This ultra light fish attractor is effective where low profile and/or limited noise is desired.  Good for both salt and fresh water.  

2 per pack in the colors indicated below.

Cajun Thunder line

Equalizer Line

The Equalizer is the forerunner of the Cajun Thunder - an unweighted surface fish attractor.  8 plastic beads emit a clicking sound (called Bait-click) when the float is popped.  Splash from the float, combined with Bait-click is deadly on Trout, Redfish, Snook and other flats species.  Available in oval and cigar shapes in the colors indicated below: